When I was sitting at the Amaravati Buddhist Center, England, I saw the fresh beautiful colour blooming flowers on the far right. But when I walked into that botanical garden I had seen a middle aged British man who was planting variety of flowers in different colour along the road and bounded up in to the pot, tend to be a beautiful component. Happened to be realized that! many kinds of flowers can be planted together in the same pot. I was further walking along the street isle to the public park where an artificial Japanese garden can be seen. With thinking in mind that even thought the plants bought in came from far long distance from Japan which were different from the local plants, but day could still be well planted together in the Tulip farm “Variety of plants can be well suited together”.

The plants can be easily put together - no dislike, no problem, being thought that it is completely different from human beings. As to question in mind “why human beings are hardly living together.” Sooner on later human beings when living together more than two persons seem to be little or more inclined to conflict and violence. Especialy, in the large group of people there will be even more problems! So I asked the plants:

 Question Why human beings are quarrelsomeness?

Answer “…………………….”

Question Why human beings are not living with peace?

Answer “…………………….”

Silent No answers from the plants to my questions at all.

As to recognize that it may be because of having no answers from the plants, they seem to be living together without violence. If human beings are alike the plants having no answer, no argument, no boastfulness, no further comment, and no revenge, they could certainly be more peaceful. The plants have no thought and no expression but human beings have minds, souls and conditions differently, so complicated desirable attitude arises and lead to gain confused verbal action and bodily action which is difficult for us to perform everything peacefully and smoothly as desired.

Particularly, with different minds and thoughts would be covered with covetousness, anger and delusion. The speech is composed with unfaithful consideration and without mindfulness and wisdom will always create a trouble and distress to oneself and to others and lead to continuously quarrel.

 But the trouble can be released if the speech comes from wholesome volition, kindness, compassion and sympatetic joy. To be mindful and considerate should be encouraged to peace and close down all the troubles.

 Therefore we must choose in delivering and receiving the speech which tend to be an important corporation of human understanding.


Choosing the Delivery of the Speech What should it be? Between: 

deceitful misrepresented and truthful
malicious and harmonious in agreement

grumble, harsh, rude, pessimistic and sweet, constructive, optimistic.
Frivolous talk nonsensical without careful consideration and speech with full of useful benefit.


Picking up the Receipt of the Speech When there is a noise striking into ears, an acknowledgement of ear-conciousness arises leading into mental formations then into feeling, mind-objects, satisfaction and unsatisfaction.

 !STOP before disputing or answering by action and speech but firstly to recite a magic spell to overcome the superknowledge and the grief by means that “they do not create an anger or admiration but we admit ourselves of being angry and admirable”!

 But if we are capable to investigate and analyze it promptly, we could be gained and seen more benefits from that speech. If it is nonsense then release it and avoid retaliation and abstain from it - not being by distressed and confused, likewise many kinds of the plants that are grown together in the forest and self- performed on each own normal duty. Although they are different in shape and type but still they van be well-being together.

 Despite the difference of the mind foundation, if human beings are to be self-conducted on own task, not being picked up harsh language and not being spoken what is unnecessary by freeing of demeritorious intention from each other, they could be well-being peacefully likewise various kinds of flowers in the basket as I have described above or it can be called as accompanied by friendship.

 Although the plants or a few of them are quite dense but yet they are non-illusion. To human beings, if one does not intentionally clash with one to another, it should be no whatever sense to hold for. One needs only to live together with clear intention, needs not to be answered, to argue, to continue action and to seek revenge. Such as these, lead to a happy society.

 “Those who have not yet stopped but if we do, it is quite enough”.

October 17,1998