A Written Note from England 

7th May, 1998

At 7 Morecoombe Close  Kingston Upon Tham Surrey. KT 2 7 JQ

In this winter, I was trembled with the chill-wind in a beautiful house as decorated by the owner. There were an abundance and delicacy of Tulips and other flowers in vibrant colours.  It drizzled continuously and I was stunned by a song which was composed by His Majesty the King of Thai people called Love in Spring”

While the wind is cold It blows gently”

The Wind is a nature from floating up in the sky over the world . It differs only strong or light  which is not the case for everyone to be aware of
In the world of Cold is a nature which can be touched only by oneself and is impossible to substitute that feeling. For the wind is to be the wind, for it is cold to be cold, so in this way I can clearly touched to the perfection of nature would be of delicate and profound sense field.

The World of Clear Vision is followed by Clear Thinking

and the clear thinking could not be appeared in the world if not because of the real truths teaching as was originally attributed by the Lord Buddha - Konagamana Buddha whom the Buddhists are paying highly respected, faithful and homage in the great extent than one’s life.

It is very important of human life to learn the truth which serves the purpose of a lesson and develops to be and excellent exercise for human being’s life


 to rely on Confidence


 to rely on Endeavour

To be Leaned

 to rely on Concentration

To be Exercised

 to rely on Mindfulness

Such as these, are at heart for the students to step forward with the successfulness.

In talking about the successfulness, however, there are various objects desired by human, such as success in education or in career but it is not as well as The Success of the Noble truth of Suffering whereas it brings up to a happy life. Originally, as to life condition, we are aware that life is suffering.

It many be questioned, Why should one be suffered? There will be many responses to that, but in this particular case, preferably to answer that the cause is due to unclear thinking.

Therefore, The Thinking is the cause of suffering. Especially, evil thoughts that without reason or wisdom. Usually, human’s thinking is used to be unconscious and discharged all feeling as we said unconcious mind. On each day, there is only a few people who knows himself of what he is doing and thinking, but the majority usually thinks by own feeling. On the day to day’s life, one is facing with many kinds of pains because one is unable to use the thinking process to generate wisdom whether it is right or wrong and sometimes it is over woe, namely, to be sick with unpleasant is suffering as unable to clarify the thought and mental suffering is due to the mind’s own actions in letting the thought to flow into the defilement and becomes displeasure (hatred).

When there is a role in the defilement to construct, it results in seeing and hearing or past thinking could be caused an ill-will, so It Is essential to train one's mind and heart to attain clear thinking. Therefore, right thoughts will serve the purpose of eliminating pain. In order to correct the pain, one must try to change the habit and turns to notice own feeling and there must be the knowing of that thought and feeling too, If not as such, one must try to rebuild clear thought. This process Is called Wisdom being.

The Buddha taught the Truths Four Noble that he had realizzed to all humanity, namely, Suffering (Dukkha), The Cause of Sufering (Samudaya), The Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha), and The Path leading to The Cessation of Suffering (Magga). These four functions are in our minds.

Where does the suffering appear? It appears in our mind . Where there is suffering there is a cause. Suffering is
resulted from the cause.
One can eradicate the cause of suffering If one accepts and takes up the teachings will be in Morality (Sila), Concentration (Samadhi) and Wisdom (Panna).

There are many teachings from the Buddha but the command of the Buddha is just like a sharp weapon that can be chopped down many kinds of spikes completely.

Sabbapapassa AkaranamKusalassupasampadaSacittaparIyadapanam

For a Happiness to be above the World, we must conduct apurifIcatIon over the feelings (Defilement)

Kammuna Valati Logo

 The world Is proceeded to Kammas


 We devote ourselves to the performance of  Kammas


 We have performed Kammas must experience their results


 The results of our Kammas will lead to be born


 We performed Kammas in previous existence dictate
The verying circumstance in the present existence


We have Kammas to reside in order to keep our lives Alive

Every living being has Kammas as its own whenever an action is facing and creating, it is due to Kammas, so why should we not interested in Kamma.

Busakorn Methangkul

10.43 a.m. (U.K. time)