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Abhidhamma Moonlanithi Foundation

66/11 Puthamonthon Sai4 Tambon Salaya Amphur Puthamonthon , Nakorn Pathom Province.Thailand

The purpose of Abhidhamma Foundation     

  1. To promote Buddhism education especially in the Abhidhamma Pitaka

    (The Basket of the Higher Doctrine)

  2. To observe benefit for the public merit

Abhidhamma Moonlanithi Foundation was established with the reason of Ajahn Boonmee Methangkul who was the committee of Dhamma Education of The Thai- Buddhist Association under the patronage of H.M. The king to respond in promoting Buddhism to Association member and to other members as well

He had realized that Abhidhamma Pitaka would be of great value, meaningfulness and most benefits to the interested people in Buddhism. His aim was to propagate the Abhidhamma Pitaka to the public widely and led the construction of the Abhidhamma Pitaka Teaching School at the Thai Buddhist Association since 1953. From that commencement, the foundation had created the Buddhist teachings on every Saturday and Sunday, both morning and afternoon by inviting Ajahn Nab Mahaneeranont
Pra Charnbannakit and other professionals from various place to provide an instruction interchangeable. But, at that time it was not convenient in propagating the Abhidhamma due to the overloaded work at the Thai Buddhist Association and was not capable to support the Abhidhamma teaching seriously. Ajahn Boomee had discussed with the member of the faculty and with many interested people and came up with the agreement to establish a foundation for direct Abhidhamma propagation and so the process of the establishment was begun under the name of "Abhidhamma Foundation on 23rd March, 1957 as per an approval registration number Tor 32/1957 "

In the year of 1957, the administrating office the Abhidhamma Foundation resided at 301 besides Wat Dusit-ta-ram (Sao Prokone), Amphur Bangkoknoi, Thonburi Province, but the Abhidhamma teachings were still provided at the Thai Buddhist Association. Since then the Abhidhamma propagation had been developed steadily and the teachings were heard by a large number of interested people. The place for Dhamma practice was still needed. Therefore, the committee had decided to arrange a place for Dhamma practice which was called "Omnoi Vipassana Practice Center" location at Tambon Omnoi, Amphur Kratoomban, Samutsakorn Province on the land of 5 Rais (donated by Mr.Sod Sungkapitak). At present, it has expanded to 20 Rais


Later, The Thai Buddhist Association's office at the Mahamakutraj-witayalai was move and to relocate to Pra- Arthid Rond owing to the Growing of activities, Mahamakutraj-witayalai had to expand to a larger location and so Abhidhamma had to move along because Paramattha (ultimate Truth) disquisition activity was one of the promothing subjects of the Thai Buddhist Association under the administration of Abhidhamma in this aspect.

In 1962 the Dhamma Disquisition Center was demolished with the Buddhist Association's aim to construct a meeting, so Pra Ajahn Boonmee and the committee had to look for a new Disquisition Center at the Poti-lanka Dhamma Hall, Wat Prachet-tupon through the generously of Pra Kitti Wuttho Pikku of Wat Mahatart had brought up the case to Lord Thepsuthi, the deputy Monastery and lord Abbot Ratana Thevi, Secretary of Abbot Pra wannarat of Chetupon. The approval to use the dhamma Hall had been for Dhamma disquisition on Saturday and Sunday. But if any day falls on Dhammassavana (hearing a sermon), it should be moved to Raich Hall - Viharn Praputa Saiyas. By April 2, 1967 Abhidhamma Foundation had moved in and reigned at this centre for 4 years. It  appeared that a large community was the growing and the facilities were not sufficient to receive a large number of interested people. Somdech Prawannarat, an Abbot of Wat Prachettupon who was the supporter of the Foundation had seen the necessity of such particular center was to establish, he then so kindly permitted the construction of Abhidhamma Foundation building around the petrol store room in the area of the living quarters of Bath 500,000 for the start with his invitations circulated to other interested members to join in wholesome construction of the Abhidhamma School

On 1st of July 1973, Abhidhamma Foundation had moved to carry out the work at the "Mongkol-tippaya Abhidhamma Foundation" building as here had more spaces for the capability to process the disquisition to many classes which given by Ajahn Boonmee and many other professionals made Abhidhamma teachings broadly spread to the public more than previously conducted.

Ajahn Boomee intended to promote Abhidhamma Teachings which conducted by the Foundation but the spaces began to be unavailable and not being able to receive the

increasing number of interested people. The committee had concluded that should be re-arranged the new location which had to be roomy and shaded for teaching (Pariyatti) the scripture and practice. In order to own the property by the Foundation itself, the Buddhist communities and other people have assisted in purchasing a plot of land at Tambon salaya, Nakhon Pathom Province (opposite Puttamonthom). Also when His Holiness passed away, Wat Prachet-tupon had asked for the return of the space.

As from 30th December, 1987, Abhidhamma Foundation was constructed on the land purchased and has moved to a new building where an administrative quarter was held at the present residence located at number 66/11 Putamonthon Sai 4, Tombon Salaya, Amphur Putamonthon, NakornPathom Province


Ajahn Boonmee had devoted all his life with the Abhidhamma propagation thoroughly and had considerably seen that if he could be ordained, it would be most worthwhile for the Abhidhamma propagation than it ever was. By thinking so, he had committed himself to go into monkhood for life as It just for one and only purpose to propagate the Buddhism, He then ordained as a Buddhist Monk at Wat Sri-Prawat, Amphur Bangkruay Nontaaburi Province having Pra Ajahn Maha Saweng Chotipalo as a preceptor and was named as Pra Bhikkhu Boonmee Methangkuroe" in 1988. After his ordination, he had stayed at the Omnoi (Vipassana) Contemplation Practice Centre and Abhidhamma Foundation (Putamonthon Sai 4), radio broadcasted in the co-planner friendship programme and all the way to propose a policy and prepare the plan for the Abhidhamma propagation to all the monks around Thailand. The monks then would be able to further propagate to the Buddhist communities of what they have learned in the Abhidhamma.

With the lavishness of his bodily and will power to the works un-restfully, combining his old age and health led him to be hospitalized. But he still had never discouraged to give up his efforts for the Abhidhamma propagation activities resulted him to be hospitalized many time and approached to an end of his life. He was finally passed away on the 25th of November, 1991 at the age of 84 years old.

After Pra Ajahn Boonmee's death, his daughter, Ajahn Busakorn who has been working closely with the father thoroughly. She has accepted all transmission from her father since childhood made her to be well understand of the father's works and let her to be a successor of the father. She responded her duty as Chairman of the Foundation and an Abhidhamma teacher as well.

She was also the organizer of Abhidhamma Society and has been well accepted by various institution. She was often invited to describe the Dhamma as special lecturer. Besides that, through the generously and assistance of Pra Ajahn Maha Saweng Chotipalo, the Abbot of Wat Sriprawat whom at present is Phra Khru (Venerable teacher) Sri Chotiyarn and Phra Matheevarayarn, Deputy Abbot of Wat Rajoarasaram have offer themselves to be the honorary committies of the Abhidhamma Foundation. Having Pra Ajahn Saweng to proceed duty on Pra Abhidhamma propagation. There are disquisition activities on every Saturday and Sunday at office of Abhidhamma Foundation, Putamonthon Sai 4 and Phra Metheevorayarn is proceeding on practice at Oamnoi Vipassana Center.

Since the construction of the Foundation in 1957 till present for ever 40 years, the Foundation's activities have been well managed thorough with the real intention of the organizer. "Ajahn Boonmee Methangkul" and the services are still going on with the good faith and trust of the statutory her. "Ajahn Busakorn Methangkul"

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